Ferns on Lizard Island

Last summer (winter?) in Australia, I traveled to Lizard Island to study the ferns there. Lizard Island is located off the coast of northeastern Australia in the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard Island was named by Captain Cook because of the large goannas that roam the island. As far as field work goes, it was aContinue reading “Ferns on Lizard Island”

MicroCT Paper in New Phytologist

Our study of how water moves through resurrection ferns was recently published in New Phytologist! This study was a collaboration with Drs. Anna Jacobsen and Brandon Pratt at California State University, Bakersfield. We used high resolution micro-CT scans to visualize the dynamics of water movement in resurrection ferns while they were drying out and resurrecting.Continue reading “MicroCT Paper in New Phytologist”

Santa Cruz Island, January 2018

Earlier this month, several of us took a field trip to Santa Cruz Island to continue our research project on foliar water uptake in island ferns. This time, we were transplanting island ferns to the mainland for further experiments. As always, the boat ride was fantastic! Dolphins followed us part of the way, and theContinue reading “Santa Cruz Island, January 2018”