Field work in Costa Rica

Last May, my student Jordyn Regier and I went to Costa Rica to investigate opportunities for future research projects. We found and identified so many ferns! We spent about a week hiking through the jungle and collecting preliminary data. I can’t wait to return! Jordyn worked with me for an NSF REU fellowship at PepperdineContinue reading “Field work in Costa Rica”

SURB Students present research at SCCUR

A couple weeks ago, three students in my lab (Mayra Hernandez, Jordyn Regier, and Camille Sicangco) presented their research at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (program available here). They presented the projects that they initiated last summer during Pepperdine’s SURB program (our NSF REU Site Program). Mayra presented her research on coastal sageContinue reading “SURB Students present research at SCCUR”

Resurrection ferns in New Phytologist’s blog

New Phytologist’s blog recently featured our 2019 research article on the resurrection ferns. The blog post features a fluorescence micrograph of a resurrection fern stem by Dr. Anna Jacobsen (shown above). Click on the link below to read the blog post. Here is the citation for our 2019 article: Holmlund, H.I., Pratt, R.B., Jacobsen, A.L.,Continue reading “Resurrection ferns in New Phytologist’s blog”