SURB Students present research at SCCUR

Drs. Helen Holmlund and Stephen Davis with 2021 SURB students: Mayra Hernandez, Jordyn Regier, and Camille Sicangco

A couple weeks ago, three students in my lab (Mayra Hernandez, Jordyn Regier, and Camille Sicangco) presented their research at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (program available here). They presented the projects that they initiated last summer during Pepperdine’s SURB program (our NSF REU Site Program).

Mayra presented her research on coastal sage scrub and vegetation type conversion in the chaparral. Jordyn presented her project on chaparral fern gametophyte desiccation tolerance. Camille presented her research on how vegetation type conversion affects soil respiration in the chaparral. Stay tuned as these folks continue their research!

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