MicroCT Paper in New Phytologist

Our study of how water moves through resurrection ferns was recently published in New Phytologist! This study was a collaboration with Drs. Anna Jacobsen and Brandon Pratt at California State University, Bakersfield.

We used high resolution micro-CT scans to visualize the dynamics of water movement in resurrection ferns while they were drying out and resurrecting. We combined this approach with light and fluorescence microscopy to learn which anatomical traits may facilitate desiccation tolerance in these ferns.

The abstract is available here, and requests for full text can be sent to helenireneholmlund at gmail dot com.

Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Pratt’s websites are available here and here.

Desiccated Pentagramma triangularis next to a 3D microCT reconstruction of its stipe. PC: Dr. Anna Jacobsen
Pentagramma triangularis in the chaparral understory. The shorter leaves (curling) are starting to dry out. PC: Dr. Steve Davis
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