Summer Adventues

This summer, I spent three weeks doing field work at La Selva Biological Research Station in Costa Rica!


The field station is located in the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest.


The rainforest is alive with frogs, bugs, and many other critters!


The howler monkeys woke us up every morning.


Sloths are hard to spot in the trees, but this one liked to hang out near the bridge.


Deadly eyelash vipers live in the forest.

Eyelash viper

Of course, the plants were the most exciting part of the rainforest.

In August, I participated in a Plant Hydraulics methods workshop in McCall, Idaho. We met for several days at the MOSS field station and learned various techniques related to plant hydraulics.

MOSSWorkshop photo

I flew straight from Idaho to Portland, OR, to present my research at the Ecological Society of America.

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