As a former homeschool student, I am excited to share my research with the homeschool community. Throughout my career, I hope to develop homeschool field trips and classes in plant biology and ecology.

I have helped with educational outreach events in the past. These experiences have given me lots of ideas for future science field trips!


Homeschool Field Trip at Pepperdine University

When homeschool students visited our lab at Pepperdine University, I showed them how to use the sunfleck ceptometer. I talked to them about how we measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). We talked about how the light that we see is different from what the plants see. They measured PAR indoors in the lab and outside in the afternoon sun. They even measured it next to Breahna’s white shirt, which reflected even more light into the sensor!

Showing students how to measure PAR

In the lab, we measured water potential using a pressure chamber. First, I explained the theory to the students and showed them how to watch for water coming out the cut end of the stem.

They understood so well that they measured it themselves!

High School Field Trip at Pepperdine University

When high school students came to Pepperdine University, my lab partners and I talked to them about our research and college life in general.

I showed them how to measure stomatal conductance in the lemonade berry plant.

Next, we used an infrared radiometer to measure the temperature of the leaves. We asked them, how would stomatal conductance relate to leaf temperature? Of course, we measured the temperature of other things, too.

open house 2014 4crop

Finally, someone asked me why the plant was named “lemonade berry.” We tasted it to find out! We talked about the uses that the Native Americans had for lemonade berry.

open house 2014 2crop


Presentation at Sanger High School

In October 2014, I was a guest speaker in Mr. Hahn’s biology class at Sanger High School in Texas. I was excited for the opportunity to share my research with these high school students! We discussed a variety of topics, ranging from good study habits and college life, to my research on ferns, to broader issues involving climate change.


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